Slink 1.6: Foxy

Wednesday · October 20th · 2010 · leave a comment

Today we are pleased to announce Slink 1.6 “Foxy” that adds support for the Firefox FoxyProxy extension.

Slink has supported Secure Firefox Browsing since version 1.0. It allows you to browse securely by Slink routing your web traffic over an encrypted tunnel to your home network and then out to the internet. Very useful when using insecure WiFi hotspots. However, the functionality was somewhat limited in that Firefox started “clean” on each launch without your bookmarks and other settings. Many users found this behavior annoying. (And fair enough!) This is where FoxyProxy comes in. When FoxyProxy is installed, Slink makes a “Secure FoxyProxy Browsing” service available (instead of the “Secure Firefox Browsing” service). Clicking on the service starts Firefox and FoxyProxy asks you to confirm the configuration change:

Click on “Allow” and you are instantly browsing securely using your home broadband connection. A confirmation screen is displayed confirming your IP address:

When launching Secure FoxyProxy Browsing, Slink automatically creates a FoxyProxy proxy configuration called “Slink:Mac”. For example, if your home Mac is called Achim, the proxy configuration is named “Slink:Achim”. You can use this FoxyProxy proxy each time you are connected to your home Mac with Slink. (Without having to launch Firefox from within Slink.)

This one is for our power users! We hope you enjoy it.


#1  Ron writes:

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Will this add your addons/plugins from your home computer’s FireFox too?

#2  Olof writes:

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

No, you will need to add the addons to Firefox that you want to use on the remote Mac separately. In other words, there is no way for Slink to add the addons that are installed on your home computer’s Firerox automatically.


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Sunday, February 13th, 2011

[…] use Slink, which connects you directly to your home machine for access to your data and services. Adding in a Firefox plugin will automatically load your proxy settings for safe and secure browsing. The same approach works […]

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